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CARRIAGE OF GOODS BY SEA ACT, 1924               39

The meaning of the terra " particular goods " is still rather
indefinite, but may be described as goods to which the
application of the Act would be impossible. Section 4 of
the Act states that Article 6, in relation to coastal vessels,
shall have effect as though the article referred to any goods
instead of particular goods, and as though the proviso to
the second paragraph of this article were omitted.

In the coastal trade it is customary to issue receipts
instead of bills of lading, and on these occasions such receipts
shall be considered as bills of lading and under the regula-
tions of this Act.

Article 7. There is nothing in the Act to prevent a
carrier or a shipper from entering into any agreement as to
responsibility or liability of the carrier for goods prior to the
loading on or subsequent to the discharging from ship.
From this it will be seen that when "through" bills of
lading are issued, the Act has no application to sections of
the carriage of goods outside the actual carriage by sea.

Article 8. States that the rights and obligations of the
carrier under any statute for the time being relating to
limitation of liability of owners gball not be affected. This
refers to the shipowners* liability, which is dealt with in
Chapter IV.

Article 9. The monetary units mentioned in these rules
are to be taken as gold values; thus any difference of opinion
in regard to this matter is excluded.

4 (B.axas)